Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Don't give your dentist the pleasure of pulling out all your teeth

Full Mx clearance. My favourite. I can't wait for Mr Pus-Oozing-Out-From-Gum to come back so I can pull out all his bottom teeth. *evil grin*

To all you dentist haters out there,

You say you hate us. So why are you providing us with so much fun and keeping us happy by deteriorating your oral health to such a state that you require every single tooth taken out? Extraction beats boring exam and scaling hands down. Please don't come to us for regular check up and clean because I rather you have rotten gum with pus and rotten teeth so I can pull them out. So exciting. I love blood.

P.s I also hate root canal, it strains my eyes and it's BORING. For your benefit I'm offering it as an option but I'm secretly hoping you tell me to rip out that damn tooth. Please don't make my life miserable by telling me you want root canal. For my benefit please let me pull out your tooth, I actually make more money that way.


Blogger Dr. Mommy, D.D.S. said...

nah, i like root canals way better than extractions. you put the rubber dam on and some music in the background, get a good conversation flowing with your assistant, and it's almost cathartic. and when you clean everything out and fill it up, the patient's not in pain anymore, and you just feel so good, like warm and fuzzy pat-me-on-the-back type of thing. i also love the smell of bleach. you don't get THAT with extractions.

but at the same time, i love taking out wobbly, pus-filled perio teeth, too. i once pulled out a lower 5 with such a nasty infection, the poor patient was in so much pain it took like 5 IANBs and infiltrations with septanest to freeze her. when i finally got the tooth out, a sizable sack of crud came attached with the tooth. i knew it was either a cyst or a granuloma, but i sent it out for a pathology report anyway and it came back sure enough, chronic granuloma w/ acute inflammatory cells present. you should have seen the color return to the patient's face when we got that out - it was like all the poison was just lifted from her system.

then again, you can always achieve that affect with a good pulpectomy, too ;-)

nice pics!

6/3/07 9:52 am  
Blogger GoRetroGirl said...

Whoa! Definitely not for the faint of heart, but I LOL while reading your post. They should take your pictures and show them to kids in elementary school as an incentive to practice good oral hygeine, LOL.

7/3/07 4:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh Xiao jie, I love those gross pics. Can i have more please!? - your beloved flatfeet friend.

10/3/07 12:24 am  
Blogger Dentist Down Under said...

dr. mommy, d.d.s:

I love the smell of blood LOL. We're still using the stone age hand files, my fingers get sore after a while, I hate it. Perhaps if my boss upgrades to rotary Ni-Ti (probably have to wait another 100 yrs) I'll enjoy it more, right now I prefer extraction, but for the patient's wellbeing I still try to talk them into getting RCT except when the tooth has poor prognosis (see how nice I am ;p). I actually wanted to be an oral & maxillofacial surgeon but that's gonna take another 8 years training, I don't have that much money. ;(


You are welcome to take the pics and show them to everyone. :p

My dear footfetish:

Who are you hiding from? ;p

10/3/07 9:29 am  
Blogger pavlova said...

extractions?? geesh, i hate them now.
ever since i started, all of them who come my way are like crazy solid-ass-stupid-luxator-aint-gonna-move-an-inch type of b*st*rds.

every time i have to get my boss to come and help me, yet both of us always get stuck with it for more than 2 hrs.

so yeah, endo is better for me. :P
go invest yourself in a rotary... don't buy houses... :D

13/3/07 8:46 pm  
Blogger Dentist Down Under said...


Bish. Haven't you heard of surgical extraction? Hurhur. If the tooth won't budge it's time for the scalpel to shine. :p

I need to buy a house to convert to my dream dental practice, or can you seduce the builders to do something quicker? ;p

Don't want to buy rotary now, it's not very tax effective until I've my own practice. Besides my boss will take most of the money I earn using the rotary. Hmph. Exo is the way to go. :D

14/3/07 7:06 am  
Blogger Ak-Man said...

Now we REALLY have reasons to be scared of the Dentists!

Mt teeth workout with me, they are in great shape . . . apart from a few chippings here and there. I'd rather have a chipped tooth than a missing one!

22/3/07 10:20 pm  
Blogger isabelle_yang said...

I completely agree with you in your argument on patient having to keep good oral hygienes to avoid us altogether. It's so annoying to see patients coming every 10 yrs and request a painless scaling session when theres rock hard calculus and wobbly teeth everywhere. Yeah.. extractions are the way to go for them wobblies! *evil grin* By the way, love your blog! :D

31/5/07 7:05 pm  
Anonymous RSA Dentist said...

I'm working for the government in South Africa - I pull about 25 teeth a day. I fantasize about sophisticated procedures such as RCTs and crowns...
But the best teeth to pull are the wobbly perio ones, the grossest are the ones where the calculus is so thick that it sounds like the crown of the tooth is breaking when I put the forceps on it and the calculus shatters off and the worst teeth to pull are the ones of those manly men with their big square jaws - I break into a sweat and my arm aches just thinking about it :)

13/7/07 12:05 am  
Blogger Dr Sasha said...

Dear DentistDownUnder, I've found your blog by pure luck, and I'm stunned (mildly said). I'm considering putting my own blog and I find yours very inspirative. The photos are great.

All the best,
Dr Sasha
(just another dentist)

27/8/07 10:20 am  

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