Sunday, June 15, 2008

Whinge of the week

It's official. People in this town stink, literally. When your BO smells worse than that rotten tooth of yours something is very wrong. If you've just got off work doing manual labour I can understand and you're forgiven, but no, these stinkos looked like they'd just came from homes in their T-shirts, shorts and thongs - housewives, teenagers, bums....and they smell like they haven't shower for days. At least have the courtesy to put some deodorant on. Your smell is so repulsive even with the mask on it makes me want to puke. I feel like putting a sign up saying Please have the courtesy to shower before coming to the dentist.

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Friday, March 07, 2008


Mrs W fell off her horse in her early 20s and chipped one of her front teeth. She was never happy with the composite restoration so when it came off I suggested she gets a crown.

So which tooth was crowned?

I love my lab technician. I can do the shittiest prep and the crown still comes back perfect. Robert what would I do without you?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Still alive

This blog is not defunct. I've just been too caught up with other things in life. Managed to go overseas 3 times in less than 5 months. I was looking at some pics just now and realised what a hopeless dentist I am. Even when I was on holiday and supposedly not to think about work I'd been checking out dental-related stuff. -_-"

Here, me checking out "high-tech" electric toothbrush in Takashimaya, Tokyo, Japan.

Look at the size of this thing :O

This costs USD$278 :O

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Think you can't die from tooth decay? Think again

See how the germs from a simple tooth decay eats away the bone around the infected tooth? Can you see how close the root of that tooth is to the sinus? Can you see how, from the sinus, the germs can track into your brain?

If you think your dentist was lying when he/she said you can die from tooth decay, I hope you change your mind now. You don't want to end up like this poor chap in a specimen display.

Any dentists reading this blog, if you want larger pics so you can print them out to scare your patients into maintaining optimum oral health please send me an email I'll gladly share them with you. I love using scare tactics.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Patient says

Me : Do you have high blood pressure?

Patient: I only have high blood pressure when I come to the dentist.


Me : Do you have any heart condition?

Patient: My wife said I don't have a heart.


Me : Are you allergic to anything?

Patient: I'm allergic to dentist.


Patient: I hate dentist.

Me : I hate patient.

Patient: *stunned*

Friday, May 11, 2007

Who to blame?

I received a frantic call from the oral surgeon today. Patient had woken up from GA and was still experiencing severe toothache and she's accusing the oral surgeon of pulling out the wrong tooth.

Oral Surgeon: You referred Mrs G to me for extraction of 16. I've done that but now she's saying I pulled out the wrong tooth.

I could hardly remember a Mrs G so I had a look on the computer and it all came back to me.

Mrs G was presented with fractured amalgam on a root canal treated tooth in September last year. She said the tooth was "niggling". I can never understand what patients mean when they say the tooth is "niggling". Do they mean it's giving them sharp pain, dull ache, throb or what??? I tried to get her to use other words to describe the sensation but she just kept repeating "You know it's just niggly", "It's not sharp. It's niggling". DUH. Fed up I just patched up the tooth with Fuji IX. The tooth wasn't TTP, neither was there any PA radiolucency on the radiograph. I told Mrs G if she starts getting dull throbbing ache in the tooth she'll either require RCT re-treatment by endodontist or have it extracted. Mrs G doesn't like the idea of travelling 700km to go to the endodontist and would rather have extraction. I do not like the combination of big amalgam restoration + RCT + close proximity to sinus so I told her if she ever require extraction she'll have to go to the oral surgeon. To save her the trouble of waiting 2 months to get in just to obtain a referral letter to the oral surgeon when the tooth flares up I decided to write her the referral letter in case she needs it.

Mrs G also has a deep carious lesion on 14. It had been asymptomatic so I told her she'll have to come back asap to get it fixed before it starts to hurt. She didn't.

My guess is, 8 months down the track she started getting toothache and thinking it's coming from the 16 she went to the oral surgeon. The oral surgeon followed the request on the referral letter and extracted 16 when it was 14 that was giving her pain. What amazed me is that how someone can think a half broken rotten tooth cannot cause pain, especially after being warned by me that she'll experience severe dull throbbing ache if she doesn't get it treated asap.

She came in the the practice today to make an appointment and she's still telling everyone the oral surgeon pulled out the wrong tooth. I feel sorry for the oral surgeon.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kids say the darnest thing

My dental assistant's grandaughter just turned 6 on ANZAC day.

DA's grandaughter : Nanny I like you.

DA : Nanny loves you

DA's grandaughter : But Nanny I didn't say I love you

DA : -_-''


Mrs A has 7 anterior gold inlays done by my 60 years old boss' previous boss many years ago.

Mrs A : Are my gold fillings still alright?

Me : Yes, they're fine

Mrs A : My grandaughter asked me whether she could have them when I die. She was 6, she's now 24, I don't think she wants them anymore.

Me : -_-"