Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More FAQs

I'm really starting to enjoy this. More FAQs from search engine.

1. How long does it take for tooth to ache before it gets infected?
Guess what, it's already infected that's why it bloody hurts! It takes at least 2 years for an infected tooth to hurt, so it's either:
1) you didn't go for regular dental check up, which in this case serve you right; or
2) you're a cheapskate and refused xrays during dental check up (serve you right too); or
3) your dentist is lousy and didn't tell you you need regular xrays (but sometimes dentists are so jaded by patients thinking we're out to make a quick buck by taking xrays they can't be bothered anymore, in this case, I totally understand).

2. I've toothache but can't afford to see dentist
Dentists're humans too, many would let you pay it off over time. Call your local dentists and ask about payment plans. If you're lucky you might even get a sucker dentist like me who would do it for free (just don't tell my boss!). I sneaked in a few times with my trusted DA after hour at my previous workplace to treat ppl who can't afford but require emergency treatment or lose their teeth if they wait till they save up enough money. Unfortunately I can't do my dodgy afterhour charity dental treatment anymore as my current trusted DA aka partner in crime doesn't have the key to get into the surgery after hour. BAH!
But if you waste your money burning off on ciggies, booze and worse, drugs, you don't have my sympathy and deserve the toothache.

3. Having a tooth extracted that has broken
Extraction of a broken tooth, depending on how broken it is, is a PAIN IN THE ARSE (and a pain for your wallet too). If you wait to the stage where the tooth is half gone, good luck. Many times it will end up being a surgical extraction as there's nothing much for us to grab on with the forceps, or the tooth was so weakened by decay it just keep crumbling off. If you are wondering what surgical extraction is, it means we've to take out the big scary scapel to slice your gum off, and the big scary bone drill to drill your bone away to remove to remaining tooth, and as if that's not enough there's the stitches, imagine the needle poking through your gum. Muahahahahahaha! My advise is, get it fixed before it breaks!

4. Can teeth without nerves still hurt?
Yes it can. When root canal fails it will hurt due to infection.

5. What dentists do when your filling falls out
Put another one back in. LOL. Joke aside, fillings fall out for several reasons:
1) Too old / crack. Simple replacement will do. Unless u waited too long and the tooth got infected and started to decay, once it starts to hurt, you might need root canal or extraction.
2) Accident (e.g. motor vehicle, sports, fights etc). Probably replacement or root canal or extraction.
3) Decay under filling. Again, if you wait too long you might end up needing root canal or extraction. Rule of thumb is, get it fixed before it starts to hurt.
Nothin lasts forever so don't expect your filling(s) to last forever. You car needs to have the engine oil change several times through it's life (if it lasts as long as you do), your filling will require several replacement/repair through your life too.

6. Abscess tooth if left untreated
YOU WILL DIE. Refer to article below.

7. Can you get sick from abscessed molar chronic infection?
Yes. If you are lucky you only get sick. If you are unlucky you DIE.

8. Filling fell out now tooth hurt
Oh let me guess that filling fell out 3 months ago. Congratulation the decay has progressed into the nerve now we can't put filling in anymore please fork out $1000 for root canal or face the bloody butcher knife to have it extracted.

9. How to treat an infected tooth without going to dentist?
Just use the plier to pull it out. So simple. LOL.

10. Does it hurt after getting a tooth pulled?
Does it hurt after you have the tip of your thumb chopped off? It always amaze me how ppl expect extraction wound to be painless right after the anaesthetic wears off. I'm sick of ppl coming back to me 2 days after extraction complaining about "infection" because it's still sore.
Extraction is a bloody surgical procedure of course it would bloody hurt you dumbo.