Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kids say the darnest thing

My dental assistant's grandaughter just turned 6 on ANZAC day.

DA's grandaughter : Nanny I like you.

DA : Nanny loves you

DA's grandaughter : But Nanny I didn't say I love you

DA : -_-''


Mrs A has 7 anterior gold inlays done by my 60 years old boss' previous boss many years ago.

Mrs A : Are my gold fillings still alright?

Me : Yes, they're fine

Mrs A : My grandaughter asked me whether she could have them when I die. She was 6, she's now 24, I don't think she wants them anymore.

Me : -_-"


Blogger Lady_T said...

Lol I love kids, they say what they want with no reservations.

1/5/07 7:38 pm  
Blogger s0hp0h said...

ROFL.. gold fillings.. I'm sure her granddaughter still wants them =P

2/6/07 10:57 pm  
Blogger Pope Terry said...

mmmmm, theres something really wrong with wanting someones teeth. But I cant quite put my finger on it...

14/6/07 6:47 pm  
Anonymous Naperville cosmetic Dentist said...

yeah! your granddaughter may someday become a good dentist. She shows a lot of interest on others teeth...

Your friendly Naperville cosmetic Dentist

19/12/07 6:27 pm  

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