Thursday, February 23, 2006

Temporary MIA

To all my dear fans out there, I have moved into my brand new home and enjoying the movies in the comfort of my own private theatre room while waiting and cursing Telstra to have the phone connected. The latest update is that they can only do it sometime in March, they wouldn't speed things up even after telling them one of my poor patient ended up in the hospital with an emergency because he couldn't contact me, and I won't be surprised if they call me in March and tell me they can't do it until end of 2007. So I'll be MIA till dunno when, at the mean time, don't miss me too much. :p

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

You get what you pay for

Yes, we're proud to say we're the cheapest private dental practice in the whole country, but is cheap really as good as you think? HELL NO!!!

It's so frustrating working here. I'm sick of the practice manager telling me to reuse the matrix band. I always remove the band right after I use it so the stupid DA wouldn't chuck it back into the steri and recycle it. Initially I thought she was just lazy to remove it so I make it a point to remove it for her. Then the practice manager came and said "Can you reuse the band? We'll make sure it's clean and steri it. This band is very expensive, it costs us $8 for a pack of 12. Unlike Toffelmire band it'is much cheaper we can buy it in bulk and only costs us 20 cents each."


Look at that shit left on the band after sterilization! It's the composite from the previous patient and they expect me to use that on my next patient. Bloody hell! Even after you steri the whole damn thing you can't get rid of the composite still stuck on it. Not to mention the bent which would distort the filling. What the fuck is $1 when patient has to pay $80 for a fucking filling! Why can't they just increase the price of the filling by $1?! "Oh no we can't if we do ppl would think it's too expensive and wouldn't come. " I don't think anyone would decline paying extra $1 for a clean unused band in his/her mouth. Would you?????

So stop whinging about the cost of dental treatment. They're expensive for a reason. It's the quality you're paying. You pay shit money you get shit quality. Simple as that.