Thursday, January 12, 2006

Can I pay by credit card?

This is the 4th time I received another bill from Henry Schein. I bought some whitening gel costing $180.72 for a friend last year. He sent them a money order of $180.70 because there's no 1 cent denomination in Australia. My DA told me to ignore them the first time I got the bill coz according to her "they'll most likely close the account". But Henry Schein wouldn't give up and kept sending me the bill to tell me to pay up. Don't they realise it actually costs them much more in postage in order to recover that 2 cents??? I think the paper itself already cost 10 cents. Sheesh.

Today I finally remember to call them. I told the lady I want to pay my account and would like to pay by credit card. She took my credit card details and asked

"How much would you like to pay?"
"2 cents"
"2 cents"
"No you can't pay that"
"Why not?"
"It's gonna cost us more in fees" (yes buddy I think you already spent $10 sending me a bill every month)
"So what do I do?"
"You can pay together with your next purchase"

Yeah sure I don't think so miss my friend bought 50 syringes of whitening gel I think that could last him another 5 years unless I start my own business right now. At the mean time they can keep sending me the bill. :p

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Do I look like a fucking Jap to you???

That's it. I've enough of this bullshit. Why the hell do ppl keep asking me whether I'm a Jap. Do I look like one to you? DUH! This is the third time this week someone ask me this stupid question. For your information I was born in Taiwan, I've Chinese ancestry and my maternal grandfather fought the bloody Japs during WWII (and I'm very proud of him!). I wonder why nobody ever ask me whether I'm Chinese, it's either Jap or Korean. Geez.

My maternal grandfather joined the resistant in China to fight the Japanese during WWII. The pic was taken at 海防 ("Hai Fang") before they set off to the China-Viet Nam border.

It was a turbulent period and China was invaded by several Western countries before the Japanese came. Supply was low and poor. I remember Grandpa had a very deep scar on his lower abdomen, the result of bayonet wound. He told me that in the end he ran out of ammunition and had to fight barehanded. Only one person was allowed to live. He didn't tell me what happened to his opponent, but my Grandpa lived.

Everyone knows about the Holocaust of European Jews by the Nazis during WWII, but how many people actually know about the Holocaust of the Chinese by the Japanese during WWII?

35 millions Chinese civilians were killed in China (not to mention those overseas such as Malaya, Singapore and Indonesia). 300 000 were massacred in the city of Nanking (the capital of the Republic of China) alone 6 weeks after the city fell. Live humans were dissected without anaesthesia for biochemical experiments. Biochemical warfare in labs and battlefields were committed over 2,700 times, causing countless deaths, and intentionally flouted the Treaty of Geneva. Hundreds of thousands had also been forced to become slave labourers and sex slaves.

It makes me sick that the Japanese government is still in denial, refused to admit to the war crimes, and distorting history in textbooks. They think that as soon as everyone who was involved during that period pass away one by one it'll be forgotten. How wrong.

So don't ever ask me whether I'm a Jap. I feel insulted. It makes me sick. I am Chinese, and proud of it.

I think I'll be visiting Shanghai again in Nov. I kinda miss that place. I'd so much fun there. A poor bugger like me living like a millionaire, not to mention my high school mates working there as expats treat me like a Queen. :p And the food! Gosh I miss 羊肉串. :(

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dodgy restoration dodgy boss

Mr L came to me today complaining about "swollen gum and toothache". He said his gum swelled up so much he could no longer wear his partial denture but the swelling had gone down before he could get in. Intially I thought he had gum infection as he moved his finger along his gingivae to show me where the swelling was. Just when I was about to give him a lecture about him wearing his P/- 24/7 he said he thinks a piece of filling fell out from 21 that's why it hurts. The filling was actually intact, it was done by my boss just 2 months ago but the tooth turned out to be non vital and TTP so I took a radiograph. Holy moly! My boss had shoved the composite right into the pulp chamber! This wasn't the first time I'd to fix up some shady work done by my boss. I was pissed by the way he treats the patients but because he's been nice to me so far I helped him cover up and just patch things up quietly. I dunno what happened to that tooth initially, it might have been a carious exposure and RCT inevitable, but he could have at least tell the patient what happened and discuss treatment options with him instead of making him pay for the restoration which would have to be removed anyway for RCT.

There was another time when I'd a patient with deep carious lesion close to pulp but no symptom. I didn't want to jump straight into RCT since there was no pain. I thought I would give the pulp a chance to lay down secondary dentine so I left a thin layer of infected dentine behind and restored the tooth with Fuji VII. I told her to come back asap if she starts getting pain but if not we'll wait for 6 months and see how it goes. 3 months later she came back with a composite restoration in place and unbearable continuous dull throbbing ache that kept her up all night. She actually came back 2 months after she had the temporary because the tooth started to hurt when she bites down but because I was travelling she saw my boss who despite the dull ache replaced the temporary with a composite restoration just because the cold test is positive. Hullo any tooth with more than one root would give positive result unless the tooth is looooooooooooong dead. So my poor patient spent $100+ on a useless filling, put up with 1 month of pain and ended up having that tooth pulled out anyway.

Then there's this time when his patient came back the next day complaining about sharpness in her new filling. My boss wasn't around so I'd to see her. She said the filling was very sharp at the back and asked if I could polish that for her but when I looked at it jesus christ there was a big hole in the filling itself. The 10 mins quick polish appointment the front desk squeezed in between my normal schedule turned into a 30 mins replacement appointment. My next patient wasn't too happy about it and decided to go walkabout. I never see him again.

I really dunno what my boss is up too. He charges the lowest fees in the whole country (when Veteran Affairs pay more than the fees you charge you know something is VERY wrong here) but on the other hand he seems to be doing dodgy things to make patients pay more. I think I'm probably one of the endangered species of dentist who still tell patients the truth (except when I'd to cover up for other ppl boooohooooo I don't lie I just don't tell them everything). If the decay is reversible I would tell the patient so and wouldn't jump into picking up the drill even though I would only get paid if I do. I would make heaps more bling if I practice dentistry like most other dentists but who cares bling is not everything at least my conscience leave me alone and I can sleep at night.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A day at the beach

Why do ppl like to overtake and once they get in front of you they slow down?! That was exactly what a bunch of young punks did to me on the way to the beach near Causeway Lake this arvo. Arseholes. I hope they drive into a truck the next time they try to repeat their stupid stunt again.

Had fish & chips at the Causeway Kiosk. They claimed to be awarded The Best Fish & Chips in Central QLD in 2004. The good old fish & chips wrapped in paper. I'd battered red emperor, very fresh reef fish, that's the good thing about living near the coast. I love seafood. :D~

It was low tide when we got to the beach. It's the first time I've been to this one and I don't really like it. The sand is of a muddy texture and looks yuck (reminds me of shit). Nonetheless I'd fun digging for pipis, trying to trap a crab for dinner and knocking oysters off big rocks. When it comes to food it's always fun hehe. I think I should go back tomorrow with a shovel hehe.