Saturday, March 11, 2006

I am back! :D

I am back online, finally. Darn Telstra. I didn't believe the newspaper when someone said it took Telstra 2 months to get his phone connected and his daughter almost die from falling off the horse coz he couldn't call for ambulance (his property has no mobile phone coverage). You would expect a better service in developed country but hell no even third world countries are doing better. Telstra even has the nerve to remove public payphones because they're not making money. Sheesh. Can you imagine a country without public phones??? Thanks a lot to the government for privatising the country's only communication company responsible for connecting phones. Atrocious.

Sometimes I really wonder how some ppl can let their oral health deteriorate to the point of no return. I saw Mrs P few weeks ago. She was complaining about her tooth moving when she eats. When I took a look I almost fainted. There it was, the poor 27 hanging for it's dear life by the root tips. Mrs P could have easily done the extraction herself with her fingers (but to appear more professional I resisted the urge to pull it out with my fingers and used the forcepts instead :p).

There was no bone support at all. The next time I see Mrs P she'll probably be complaing about the loose 26.

Look at the gunk around the tooth. It's a crime to let your teeth get to this stage. Ppl always think oh it's a back tooth it doesn't matter nobody can see it. Yeah, sure, just wait till you lose all your posterior teeth and see how much it'll affect your facial feature. Your lower jaw'll move forward and upward as you lose posterior support. Try doing that in front of the mirror, don't forget to throw in a few wrinkles too. I do my best to re-educate them but there's only so much I can do. Sadly, some ppl just don't care.