Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Don't give your dentist the pleasure of pulling out all your teeth

Full Mx clearance. My favourite. I can't wait for Mr Pus-Oozing-Out-From-Gum to come back so I can pull out all his bottom teeth. *evil grin*

To all you dentist haters out there,

You say you hate us. So why are you providing us with so much fun and keeping us happy by deteriorating your oral health to such a state that you require every single tooth taken out? Extraction beats boring exam and scaling hands down. Please don't come to us for regular check up and clean because I rather you have rotten gum with pus and rotten teeth so I can pull them out. So exciting. I love blood.

P.s I also hate root canal, it strains my eyes and it's BORING. For your benefit I'm offering it as an option but I'm secretly hoping you tell me to rip out that damn tooth. Please don't make my life miserable by telling me you want root canal. For my benefit please let me pull out your tooth, I actually make more money that way.