Sunday, November 27, 2005

First Time Mum

Baby Blues

A very exhausted XG with her 3 fat boys

12th November 2005 4:30pm

Lots of blood, panting, squeezing and 4 hours later my beloved XG became a mum. :D She had 1 girl and 3 boys. Unfortunately, the one and only girl was a runt and didn't survive. She wasn't suckling. The vet wanted to put her down but I believe that every living thing should be given a chance to life. 2 days later she passed away despite the 4 hourly bottle feeding. :''( I was really upset but guess everything happened for a reason. She would probably grow up with lots of other problems so it might be better for her this way. Now I concentrate on taking care of the 3 fat boys who are taking after the size of their father, the Rotty a block away. That bastard I gonna kill him one day.

XG wasn't experienced in taking care of her babies, she still isn't. Somehow I think they're too big for her, or maybe she just doesn't know how to pick them up. They would crawl everywhere and spread out in the lounge room. I saw her trying to collect them and put them back in the basket but after a few failed attempts and constantly dropping the poor pups to the ground she gave up. She would come to me and look at me with her "puppy eyes". Initially I helped her pick them up but after a while I thought hey this is not my job she has to learn to do it by herself. Now she goes to each and every one of them to feed them instead of trying to put them back to the basket.

It's not easy being a mum, let alone a single mum. Now it makes me think twice about becoming a mum myself (if I ever get married that is LOL). Those little buggers cry and whinge and want to feed 24/7. They're sucking her dry my poor XG. :( It's no wonder after a week XG would try to hide in the bedroom or the toilet and when I put the pups inside the basket and told her to go inside to feed them she would escape through the cat's door and run away. :\ One morning I woke up to the cry of the puppies and the cry got louder and louder. All of a sudden the bedroom door barged open and in came XG. She dropped a ball of high pitch noise producing white fur next to my bed and left. I was speechless.

XG is an Australian Cattle Dog bred to endure the hardship of the Australian outback. She was from a cattle station in Boulia in northwest Queensland. Fiercely loyal, nobody has succeeded in bribing her so far. Sure, she'll take that steak from your hand and act harmless and innocent and cute but once she's finished with the steak be prepared to get nipped in the heel and herded out the door. Very protective of her possessions (fortunately or unfortunately I too fall into that category), she spent most time at the front gate when she was still a single carefree girl protecting her property and wouldn't allow anyone to come within 2m of her property. I read somewhere that the ACDs are No. 3 in the Top 5 Most Likely to Attack Dog in Australia. With the Rottweiler genes in her pups they could be trained to be good guard dogs when they grow up. :D No one can mess with me now. :D *evil laugh*

The council only allows maximum 2 dogs per house. Bloody council. I'll have to start looking for a home for them. I'm thinking about keeping one but they're all so cute and I want to keep them all! :( Better not get too attached to them. 4 more weeks to go and they'll be weaned off and will have to leave home. :(

Anyone wants a puppy? :p

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Someone please enlighten me, how the hell can someone hijack a plane with nail clippers???

I can imagine the following scenario:
Terrorist grabs a fellow passenger as hostage
Terrorist: Nobody move!
Hostage: (trembles) me!
Terrorist whips out a pair of nail clippers
Terrorist: (waves nail clippers in air) Get back to your seat! I want to speak to the Captain! Or else...or else...
(stunned look on passengers' face)
Terrorist: Or else I'll clip his nails!
Hostage faints

I went down to Brisbane during the weekend for my compulsory CE (yeah right, it was just an excuse to get away and claim tax deduction :p). The security officer at the airpot custom found a pair of scissors in my computer bag, Oooops. He was pretty cool about it and said I could either throw it away or hide it somewhere and retrieve it when I get back. If that happens in the US I think I'll be locked up and sent to Guantanamo Bay. :\

Anyway, speaking of airport security, on my previous trip to Brisbane I'd forgotten to take out my trusted Swiss army knife from my backpack. The security officer put my backpack through the x-ray machine twice and 3 times after I took the PS2 out and in the end they didn't even bother to open up my backpack and just waved me through. When I got to Brisbane I realised I'd the knife in there. My confidence in airport security has gone down the drain ever since. So there they are busy confiscating nail clippers from frail 70 years old lady with walking stick and near blind eyesight while they let me through with my Swiss army knife and hot pepper spray. The picture was taken in the toilet of a Qantas flight, I'd done it not just once, but several times, even on international flights.

Increase airport security??? My foot. Just an excuse for some greedy ppl to raise fees and charges.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

My taccha chantrieri (black bat plant)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Little Black Book

I want to whinge.

Mr JS came in today with a sore RHS mandible everytime he bites down. He said his 46 was RCT'ed few years ago and has never feel right, and that it'd split and the dentist had put a cap on it. I'd a look but couldn't find anything wrong with 46. None of the teeth are TTP or sensitive to hot/cold. Took a PA. Still nothing. So I checked the teeth with a crack finder and sure enough 47 was tender when he bite down, but I couldn't see any crack. Big chunk of MO amalgam. Not good, I thought, so I told him what could have happened and discussed Tx options. We decided to remove the amalgam and go from there.

Sounds easy. But I forgot something is probably very wrong with Mr JS's mind. I'd totally forgotten about the 27 with a temporary filling, and why I'd left a temporary in there.

Mr JS could not be anaesthetised. For some unknown reasons he just couldn't. He would jump out of the chair even before the bur touch his tooth and said it hurts even though his lip felt fat and puffy, a sign of mandibular block. Everytime he did that my blood pressure would go through the roof. What a big sook. I wanted to slap him and tell him to stop being such a wuss.

It suddenly dawned on me why that temporary was there. I'd the same problem 2 months ago. When I shoved the sickle probe into his gum and caused massive bleeding without him noticing he wouldn't jump, but as soon as I pick up that bur he would cry it hurts like hell, even when the bur was more than 3cm away from his tooth.

After suffering 15 bouts of hypertension and an hour later I finally got rid of the damn amalgam. Good riddance. There is no crack. He probably have microscopic cracks in that tooth but who cares. At this stage I couldn't even dry his tooth with cold air without him screaming his lungs off and cursing me. I decided my mental well being is more important than giving Mr JS optimum Tx, so in goes the FUJI IX and Mr JS out the door.

I told Matt what happened, and that I'm going to have a Little Black Book and Mr JS will have the honour of being on top of the list. Apart from psychos the like of Mr JS all those who don't turn up for their appointments without a good enough reason will go into the Black Book too and when I've my own practice I'll have a notice board with their mugshots which says "These people are banned from the practice". Matt shuddered and said remind me not to piss you off.
I was pissed, not because he was such a useless piece of shit, but because he was so rude and nasty.

I like to whinge. I feel much better now.

XG in Mackay

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ciggies, booze or Pain

My first little space on Blogger. Let's see how long this would last.

I'd someone flew down from the Magnetic Island today, with him came a bad toothache.
He said, "It's strange, the pain moves around" Of course it does, you've 3 sick teeth in 3 different quadrants.
So why did you come all the way here? That's 10 hours drive.
We came to see Pete Murray.
Oh yes, Pete Murray, I was thinking about going to see him too but it's no fun going to a concert by yourself. I've no life here.
Mate that tooth has to go, it's a wisdom tooth and we can't save it, it's half gone.
Can I come back tomorrow? I don't want to have the tooth out today.
Do you have an appointment?
Blank look.
Sorry I'm booked out 4 weeks in advance, you'll have to come back next year or you can try the cancellation list but good luck.
Will the pain stop?
Nope, but if you wait for a few more weeks the nerve would die and you won't feel the pain for a while.
Few weeks?! Gasp.
But would I have any problem if I have it out today? I don't want to have any trouble I want to go to the concert.
As long as you don't drink, don't smoke you should be fine.
You can't hit the piss tonight, and no ciggies.
Painful look.
No buts, no alcohol and absolutely no ciggies, if not you'll end up with infection causing pain worse than the toothache.
Even more painful look.
Can I go ask my partner?
I'll have it out today.
Sulking face.
That's it, it's out, you can close up now.
Really???? That's quick. I didn't feel anything.
Remember no alcohol, no smoking.

Now, what I don't understand is, how can anyone even consider enduring the pain just so he can have a piss and smoke?! Jesus. I think I should consider buying shares in beer and ciggie companies.

I told him I'll print out the treatment plan and x-rays for him so he can take them to a dentist closer to where he lives and save himself a few bucks.
But he said, don't worry about it, I'll come back to see you.
What a compliment. That makes my day.