Monday, June 19, 2006

Bring it on!

"They will remember our names when we beat them" - Mark Viduka

Nobody believe we would win, we proved them wrong. After thrashing Japan 3-1 in the last 8 minutes we're now facing the previous world champion Brazil. Can we prove them wrong again? My non-Aussie friends told me dream on. I say bring it on! We've beaten Brazil before, 1-0 in 2001 Confederation Cup in Japan. I don't see why we can't do it again. Come on Aussies! You can do it!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I hate bad referee

It's so obvious the bloody Japs played dirty! They only got their first goal because their bloody striker Naohiro "Arsehole" Takahara physically attacked our goal keeper Mark Schwarzer!!! Slow motion video clearly showed Shunsuke "Shitface" Nakamura's goal was done by karate! Lousy referee!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How can you trust a nation that blatanly denied slaughtering millions of civilians during WWII to play fair. We should have known.

Was it just me or did your notice the Japs had some kind of disorder that made them ironically 'fall to the ground' everytime an Aussie player go for the ball? What a bunch of pansies! And as for the ref, perhaps he should go back into his tomb.

*middle finger to the Japs and the blind-and-corrupted referee*

Naohiro "Arsehole" Takahara's karate chop on Mark Schwarzer

Mark Schwarzer :D

Mark Schwarzer saving the penalty kick by Uruguay

The guy who helped bring us to the World Cup

Monday, June 12, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006: Australia vs Japan

Go Australia!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie!!! Oi Oi Oi ! ! !

The bloody Japs claimed they gonna win the game by accusing us of being "too physical". Dirty bastards. Go Aussies!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Fire spear my arse that's a fcuking black boy"

I overheard this comment when I was at Bunnings. It was directed at the label of a plant. Commonly known as grass tree, the "Fire Spear" is a plant in the genus Xanthorrhoea. It used to be called the Black Boy (see picture below) but the do-gooders in this country have demanded political correctness and try to get rid of anything that they think would offend the minorities. According to a Canadian friend, his town didn't put up a Christmas tree at the city square last year because do-gooders think it would offend the minorities who don't celebrate Christmas. What a bucket full of shit. I don't celebrate Christmas, I'm not a Christian I'm an atheist but I do like the Christmas atmosphere and the Christmas deco. Since when do I need the do-gooders to tell me when I should feel offended. Just because I don't celebrate it doesn't mean other ppl can't. Luckily they haven't ban the Christmas tree here yet. Anyway, guess what, the guy making the comment was an Aboriginal and he sure wasn't happy they ain't calling the Black Boy a Black Boy anymore.

Mrs S came to me with a swelling next to her 15. According to her this swelling comes and goes and had been troubling her for over a year. Now this is one of my favourite thing at work. If you take a probe and poke at the swelling pus would flow out.

I took a PA.

#&*@(%!!! What a shitty RCT.

I dug up her record and checked the previous radiographs. It turned out the RCT was done by this Pommie locum dentist who comes here every April 2 yrs ago. This husband & wife Pommie locum dentists did some of the shadiest dental work I've ever seen. The husband openly proclaimed that he hates dentistry and was only doing it for the money. He has no respect for the patients and always treat them like a pig/cow/chook/whatever waiting to be butchered. I feel sorry for the patients who end up in their chairs. The patients never get what's best for them, only what makes the most money for the dentist.

Let's see how far I can force this file into the tooth. Oooooh it went through the apex. Haha so fun!

I might as well shove the GP through the apex too and see how long it'll take before pt starts getting abscess. Yummy! I like pus!

Besides overextending the gutta percha she had also completed the RCT in one appointment. Doesn't she know that completing RCT in an infected tooth in one appointment without application of intracanal medicament would decrease the success rate??? Yes of course she does, but if you can finish it off in an hour you get to pocket $500, but if you split it up into 2 appointments you only get $200+ in 1 hour so to hell with the well being of the patient just gimme the cash!

I don't understand why she doesn't pull the GP out a bit. It's not like she can't see it on the PA it's so bloody obvious and all it takes is 1 second. ONE BLOODY SECOND. I guess she just couldn't be bothered, after all it's not her tooth. Dentists like her should be whipped and condemned to hell.
Poor Mrs S ended up having the tooth pulled. Look at that sickening GP sticking out of the tooth.