Friday, March 07, 2008


Mrs W fell off her horse in her early 20s and chipped one of her front teeth. She was never happy with the composite restoration so when it came off I suggested she gets a crown.

So which tooth was crowned?

I love my lab technician. I can do the shittiest prep and the crown still comes back perfect. Robert what would I do without you?


Anonymous Ian Furst said...

Beutiful job but I'm going to gues the right central. Papilla's look a little punched out on either side. The papilla between the lateral and canine is sharp as hell so I doubt it's one of those two.

7/3/08 3:05 am  
Blogger Edgar said...

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11/3/08 2:31 am  
Blogger Edgar said...

Hahaha sorry mistake, I meant the #11. Looks so real it took me a while to figure.

11/3/08 2:35 am  
Anonymous Viv said...

And I would say it's the 21.

30/3/08 9:00 pm  
Blogger s0hp0h said...

wah, looks so nice! I'm guessing the 21 as well

7/4/08 10:13 pm  
Blogger isabelle_yang said...

I'm guessing #11.

15/4/08 5:44 am  
Blogger s0hp0h said...

actually I change my mind.. is it the 12???

25/4/08 1:41 pm  
Anonymous viv said...

Not 12! Evident attrition on that tooth!

28/4/08 10:44 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mommy, D.D.S. said...

i'm going to guess #11. is it a porcelain jacket crown? do they have procera/zirconia crowns down under? they are marvelous!

nice job!

26/6/08 7:16 am  

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