Thursday, August 10, 2006

FAQ Your Questions Answered

I noticed a lot of people came to my blog via Google search. Many of them were looking for answers to their dental problems, so I've decided to help you with some of the most common questions.

1) Toothache after crown prep/ toothache under crown
Congratulation, I think you need a root canal now. If you're the former, maybe not. During crown prep, the heat from the drill can cause pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve). If you're lucky, the nerve heals up, might take a while, few weeks, few months, if not the pain would persist and progress into irreversible pulpitis, you'll start getting spontaneous dull throbbing ache. When that happens you will need root canal or extraction. As for toothache under crown, go to your dentist immediately and have a vitality test and x-ray done. Sometimes it could be the gum that's causing the pain, but it could also be due to dying/dead tooth.

2) Does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
No it doesn't hurt, unless you are the psycho imagining it.
The only reason it would hurt is that you've waited too long to go to the dentist and your tooth has developed an abscess. The pus would prevent the anaesthetic from working properly, so if you're feeling pain when you're having your tooth pulled, don't blame the dentist, blame yourself. If you have gone to the dentist for regular check up you wouldn't even need to have extraction in the first place. Repeat after me 10 times: Early decay doesn't hurt and is reversible, if I need a tooth pulled it's my own fault, I'm a bloody idiot for not going to the dentist earlier.

3) Infected tooth doesn't hurt anymore
Yeah, that's because the nerve is dead you dumbo. Go ahead and avoid the dentist, I can guarantee you the pain would come back, 10 times worse on a Saturday night in a few months time with a big swelling in your face, and most likely the anaesthetic wouldn't work by that stage, and the pain would hurt you so much you would wish you are dead.

4) How to take the swelling down from an abscess tooth?
Use a plier and pull the damn tooth out. Either that or do a root canal. Taking antibiotics will only give temporary relieve as the antibiotics cannot get inside the tooth to kill all the germs. The swelling might go down and the pain might go away but it will come back (I bet my life on it) and haunt you for the rest of your life as long as that darn tooth remains in your mouth untreated. I am so sick of the medical doctors dosing patients with antibiotics thinking that it'll get rid of the abscess from an infected tooth indefinitely. I've had patient who went to the doctor 5 times to get antibiotics for swelling caused by decayed tooth before the doctor decided the antibiotics are not going to work and told her to see the dentist. What the f***. Haven't you learnt anything about resistant bacteria???

5) Dental treatments and holidays (Phillipines)
Sorry, can't help ya, I dunno any dentists from the Phillipines. The only thing I know about them is the stuffed ups I'd to fix.

Many people also came to this blog in search of matrix band, and Vitrebond. I dunno why you're here for but if you want to leave me a question I'll try to answer.

Here's one of my favourite photo, courtesy of Dr Steve Stephen from the US. Cracked tooth. Did someone just ask me why a crown is required when the tooth is compromised by big cavity?